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PSGL Season 30 - Details
@BigC_019 | 14th December 2021

With Season 29 only ending yesterday, our attention is quickly turning to Season 30. Due to Christmas and New Year on the horizon, work has started earlier than ever to bring you our milestone campaign.

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PSGL launches Season 26 - Key changes
@BigC_019 | 1st July 2020

The time is here for PSGL to announce its plans, details and information for Season 26, which will take place on F1 2020 which is released on July 10.

Full dates and more detailed information can be found on our Discord server.

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Welcome Cripton-iite!
@BigC_019 | 14th May 2020

PlayStation Gaming Leagues is pleased to announce Cripton-iite (Louis) will be joining the PSGL F1 league director team ahead of the release of F1 2020 in July.

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Formula 2 Sprint Cup Event
@CcbrainF1 | 28th March 2020

Welcome to the first Formula 2 Sprint Cup hosted by PSGL!

With the addition of the Formula 2 cars in this years game we are able to enjoy a different form of racing compared to the equal F1 cars.

This event will be split into three race days. The event will start on Wednesday (1st April) and will continue in the next week on Wednesday (8th April) and the following (15th April). The starting time on each day will be 7:30 GMT. This will allow us to host a 12-race championship, across 6 different tracks, two different tracks each week. The tracks will be decided by the drivers.

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PSGL F1 Season 25 Sign-Up Information
Connor | 2nd February 2020

Welcome to the 25th season of PSGL’s Formula One leagues.

PSGL is all about the community. It’s about making YOU the driver welcome, happy and looking forward to racing on a Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday or Sunday evening. The site has continued to build a reputation for being one of the best communities for league racing - whether you use assists or not, there is a place for you in our leagues.

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PSGL F1 2019 Classic Car Event
Connor | 20th January 2020

During the break between seasons we are running a Classic Car event involving ‘Modern Classics’.

The format will be as followed:

25% race distance with OSQ for both races.

Wednesday 8pm UK, February 19

  • Race 1 - Ferrari F2004 - Monza
  • Race 2 - McLaren MP4-23 (2008) - Britain (wet)

Wednesday 8pm UK, February 26

  • Race 3 - Brawn GP (2009) - Australia
  • Race 4 - 2010 Classics (Either all RBR or McLaren/Ferrari split) - Abu Dhabi

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