PSGL announces partnership with Brutal Democracy - 18th April 2020
@BigC_019 | 18th April 2020

Update Statement: PSGL ends BDG Esports partnership with immediate effect


PlayStation Gaming Leagues is pleased to announce its new partnership with Esports organisation Brutal Democracy.

In the past year, PSGL has established itself as one of the leading Formula One Esports leagues around with record viewing and attendance figures with the desire to continue this into the next game cycle with the release of F1 2020 just around the corner.

What is Brutal Democracy?

Brutal Democracy Gaming is a professional Esports organisation specialising in competition of the highest level of competitive Esports - from fighting games to more recently sim racing. In addition to professional Esports competitors, BDG has recruited top talent creators for YouTube, Twitch, Mixer & TikTok influencers.

What does the partnership mean for PSGL moving forward?

It will be business as usual for PSGL in terms of our F1 leagues.

There are three to four races of our final season of F1 2019 remaining. Once this has been completed, we plan to announce some exciting events and leagues which will take place in the intervening period between the end of our season and the release of F1 2020 on July 10.

Partnering up with a credible, successful organisation will allow us to take the next step in being the outright leading league on PlayStation.

Whether it is BDG’s expertise in the industry, exposure through social or resources - the partnership will have a direct impact on our F1 leagues moving forward into F1 2020 and we are excited by what plans we have in the coming months.

We won’t be going into too much detail for now, but stay tuned as we reveal our plans for PSGL Season 26!

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