PSGL F1 2019 Classic Car Event - 20th January 2020
Connor | 20th January 2020

During the break between seasons we are running a Classic Car event involving ‘Modern Classics’.

The format will be as followed:

25% race distance with OSQ for both races.

Wednesday 8pm UK, February 19

  • Race 1 - Ferrari F2004 - Monza
  • Race 2 - McLaren MP4-23 (2008) - Britain (wet)

Wednesday 8pm UK, February 26

  • Race 3 - Brawn GP (2009) - Australia
  • Race 4 - 2010 Classics (Either all RBR or McLaren/Ferrari split) - Abu Dhabi

There will be a special custom points system awarding points from 1st to 20th, to give people a chance to fight to the very end and reward consistency.

Drivers from any league or tier can sign up, however, we may pick and choose who’s on the grid if too many F1/2 drivers sign up as we want a mix of drivers.

ILRT_Likkle will be in the charge of the event.

If you’re wishing to sign up. Please post your PSN and league in Discord #ce-signup



Commissions may be earned.
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