PSGL launches Season 27 - Information - 26th October 2020
@BigC_019 | 26th October 2020

The time is here for PSGL to announce its plans, details and information for Season 27, which begins with FP on December 1

Full dates and more detailed information can be found on our Discord server.

League Structure

Sign up depending, the league structure will mostly stay the same as Season 26:

Top tiers (assists restrictions) - Monday

Middle tiers - Sunday

Lowest tiers - Thursday

Performance tier - Tuesday

Maximum number of tiers

Given the large turnover of drivers in S26, our plan is to have a maximum of ten tiers. Depending on interest, no more than 11.

Assist changes for S27

To move in line with F1, our F2 league will also be no assists from Season 27 onwards. This is to allow a better promotion/relegation system and whoever in F2, who wins, will truly be deserving of a seat in F1.

F3, F4 and other Monday tiers will remain line only, for now.

Our Sunday and Thursday leagues will remain with assists enabled but we are cautious of drivers in F6, who use ABS, are capable of racing in F2/F3/F4, thus we encourage these drivers to turn ABS off and compete in our Monday tiers.

Prize Money

In partnership with Brutal Democracy Gaming, there is a prize pool structure for the coming season which affects our top two PS4 tiers - which remain free to enter.

Terms & conditions can be found on our Discord.

The prize structure will be as followed:


1st - £160

2nd - £80

3rd - £60


1st - £50

Other platforms?

There has been a lot of requests and interest in PSGL potentially doing an XB1 or PC tier.

In the immediate future, we are looking at potentially doing an XB1 tier - however there is nothing confirmed or certain at this stage.

How do I sign up?

How do I sign up?

When can I sign up? The PSGL DISCORD

There will be several windows to when you can sign up:

If you raced in S26 F1, F2, F3 and F4 then you can sign up from October 26

If you raced in S26 F5, F6, F7 and F8 then you can sign up from October 28

If you raced in S26 F9, F10, F11 then you can sign up from October 30

If you’re new or returning to PSGL then you can sign up from November 1

Do I need to complete an evaluation race?

If you participated in two or more races in PSGL S26 then you will not need to do an evaluation race.

If you’re new or returning to PSGL then you will have to complete an evaluation race.

There will be no TT event.

Evaluation race information will be released at a later date