2021: New beginnings for PSGL - 1st January 2021
@BigC_019 | 1st January 2021

Firstly, a happy new year to everyone!

We’re pleased to announce the new year brings about changes for PSGL.

Name change

From January 1 2021, PSGL will now be known as Premier Sim Gaming Leagues.

Since the league’s inception over ten years ago, it has been solely focusing on PlayStation hence why it was called PS3 Gaming Leagues or more recently PlayStation Gaming Leagues.

We are keen to continue the expansion of the league but keeping our brand identity - as seen above with the logo and name change.

We had a few ideas but we opted for Premier Sim Gaming Leagues as it rolls off the tongue well and keeps are options open for other sim titles.

What does it mean for XBGL?

Quite simply, there will be no XBGL anymore.

All of our leagues will be known as PSGL… very simple. If you race on XB1, PS or anything else - you race in PSGL.

Our branding has changed to reflect this and thus our Twitter @ will also be changed to @PremierSimGL

PC league

We are delighted to confirm we will be running a PC tier from mid-January onwards.

We are very happy to confirm George Morgan (CRG Geo) & Jack Cunnane will be our commentary team for the coming season.

Full details can be found on our Discord server but the league will be ran on Thursdays.

Thanks to everyone for their continued support and see you on track soon!

Commissions may be earned.
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