PSGL launches Season 26 - Key changes - 1st July 2020
@BigC_019 | 1st July 2020

The time is here for PSGL to announce its plans, details and information for Season 26, which will take place on F1 2020 which is released on July 10.

Full dates and more detailed information can be found on our Discord server.

Days & Times

Top tiers - Monday 7/8pm UK time

Middle tiers - Sunday 7/8pm UK time

Lower tiers - Thursday 7/8pm UK time

Performance tier - Tuesday 8pm UK time

All of our tiers will be subject to start at either 7pm or 8pm UK time. If there are multiple tiers on the same day, then there will be a split in start times unlike on F1 2020.

Assist structure

For the first time in PSGL history, all assists will be banned in the top tier.

Top tiers - No assists for F1. Line only for F2/F3 (if F3 is on Monday)

Mid/Lower/Performance tiers - TC, ABS, Line, Gears allowed. All other assists banned.

Prize pool for Season 26

In partnership with Brutal Democracy Gaming, there is a prize pool structure for the coming season which affects out top three tiers.

Terms & conditions can be found on our Discord.

The prize structure will be as followed:


1st - £120

2nd - £50

3rd - £30


1st - £30


1st - £20

Placement process

To allow us to better place our drivers for Season 26, all drivers will be required to submit Time Trial times for two tracks as well as compete in one evaluation race.

Penalty points system

For Season 26, PSGL will be introducing a penalty points system to go alongside our current penalty points system.

Other changes

We’ve re-written the rulebook for the coming season with several changes to it such as a universal car selection process.


Thanks to everyone involved in making this happen for PSGL Season 26. We’re excited and can’t wait for it to take place.

Season 26 gets underway at August 4 to August 10.

Connor, AMS & Louis.

Commissions may be earned.
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