Formula 2 Sprint Cup Event - 28th March 2020
@CcbrainF1 | 28th March 2020

Welcome to the first Formula 2 Sprint Cup hosted by PSGL!

With the addition of the Formula 2 cars in this years game we are able to enjoy a different form of racing compared to the equal F1 cars.

This event will be split into three race days. The event will start on Wednesday (1st April) and will continue in the next week on Wednesday (8th April) and the following (15th April). The starting time on each day will be 7:30 GMT. This will allow us to host a 12-race championship, across 6 different tracks, two different tracks each week. The tracks will be decided by the drivers.

To ensure close battles and to keep the races exciting not only for the viewers but also the drivers, we decided that the feature race will be 50% long and will be followed by a 25% long sprint race. The qualifying order of the feature race will be decided by an one-shot-qualification.

The starting order of the sprint race will be decided by the finishing order of the feature race with the top 8 starting in reverse order.

The points system is like following:

Feature Race

1st - 25

2nd - 18

3rd - 15

4th - 12

5th - 10

6th - 8

7th - 6

8th- 4

9th - 2

10th - 1

Sprint Race

1st - 15

2nd - 12

3rd - 10

4th - 8

5th - 6

6th - 4

7th - 2

8th - 1

Pole position will award 4 points while the fastest lap if finished in the top 10 will award 2 points

If there is enough interest for people racing in formula 2 cars, this format could be developing into a league in the future with a bigger race distance.

As this cup is hosted by PSGL will mean that the racing will be under the rules of PSGL (#rules) and can lead to consequences in other division if there is bigger misbehaviour.

Race Information

Lobby host: @OllyFlavell
Qualifying: One-Shot
Feature Race: 50% (mandatory use of both tyre compounds)
Sprint Race: 25%
Damage: Reduced
Corner cutting: Strict
Weather: Dynamic
Setups: Fixed
Races held on: 1st, 8th and 15th April 7:30 PM (GMT)
No Safety Car
No Formation lap

Commissions may be earned.
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