PSGL Season 30 - Details - 14th December 2021
@BigC_019 | 14th December 2021

With Season 29 only ending yesterday, our attention is quickly turning to Season 30. Due to Christmas and New Year on the horizon, work has started earlier than ever to bring you our milestone campaign.

S29 was a record-breaking campaign with Jarno Opmeer securing his third PSGL drivers’ championship, while Mercedes stormed to another constructors’ championship.

We’re excited to be heading into a second and final season on this game with PC being at the forefront of our attention while continuing to cater for our PS side, the upcoming stars and more casual players.

Key details for Season 30

  • The season will be 15 races long, with it expected to start on January 12-17
  • The calendar will include: Monaco, Singapore, Portugal, Imola and Saudi Arabia
  • The full calendar and dates will be confirmed in due course but it will consist of a couple of break weeks as usual
  • The calendar will not include: Australia and Abu Dhabi due to fundamental differences between real life and the game.
  • PC leagues will take place on Wednesday (F2 and below); Thursday (F1* TBC due to Challengers)
  • PS leagues will take place on Mondays, Thursdays and Sundays
  • We aim to have a maximum of 5 tiers on PC; 13 on PS
  • Increased video content through YouTube & Twitter through ItsAlimonda
  • Potential announcements to come in the New Year

Other changes for S30

After sending out a survey earlier this week, we will be making the following changes

  • Stricter placements on drivers who attended poorly in Season 29
  • Adjusting how reserves are allocated at each race
  • Closer liaising with admins to improve leadership in some tiers


Despite a clash with PC Challengers on Thursdays, we plan for it to continue on Thursdays as it will only impact five or six drivers. However, this will be 100% confirmed in due course.

Based on Season 29, we’ve made the following adjustments for the season:

  • Increased scope for live stewarding with league directors (BigC/Cripton) referring incidents to the stewards’ office if they wish to & in the case of
  • Esports drivers, team managers or designated person can be responsible for submitting stewards’ enquiries on the drivers’ behalf
  • Seats for PC F1 will be allocated dependent on a driver’s commitment to PSGL in previous seasons; their contracted car being available; their performance in previous PSGL seasons; their performance and how much they featured in F1 Esports; and any other factors.

Just because you were an official F1 Esports driver for 2021, doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed a full-time seat as we are keen to accommodate drivers such as Jake Benham, Nicolas Mateo etc.

When can I sign up?

S29 drivers from the following tiers can sign up from TODAY (14/12 at 6pm): PS F1, PS F2, PS F3, PS F4, PC F1, PC F2

S29 drivers from the following tiers can sign up from (15/12 at 6pm): PS F5, PS F6, PS F7, PS F8, PC F3, PC F4, PC F5

S29 drivers from the following tiers can sign up from (16/12 at 6pm): PS F9, PS F10, PS F11,, PS 12, PS13

Anyone can sign up to PSGL Season 30 from (19/12 at 6pm)

How do I sign up?

Go to the PSGL discord -

Go to either of the following channels: pc-sign-up-here or ps-sign-up-here

Follow the instructions

S29 drivers DO NOT complete the evaluation process

New drivers MUST complete the evaluation process (#instructions on Discord)

Commissions may be earned.
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