PSGL F1 Season 25 Sign-Up Information - 2nd February 2020
Connor | 2nd February 2020

Welcome to the 25th season of PSGL’s Formula One leagues.

PSGL is all about the community. It’s about making YOU the driver welcome, happy and looking forward to racing on a Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday or Sunday evening. The site has continued to build a reputation for being one of the best communities for league racing - whether you use assists or not, there is a place for you in our leagues.

We cater for all drivers and abilities. In our F1 league, only the racing line is enabled, while in our other leagues we allow every assist except the pit assist, start assist and automatic ERS.

This will be our final season on F1 2019 ahead of an expected release of F1 2020 in June/July. Should 2020 come out earlier than expected, then we will potentially have to cut the season short, but it remains to be seen what Codemasters have in store.

League Structure and S25 start dates

For Season 25, the league structure and start dates will be as follows:

F1 - Monday, 8pm / March 9
F2 - Monday, 7pm / March 9
F3 - Sunday, 8pm / March 8
F4 - Sunday, 8pm March 8
F5 - Saturday, 8pm / March 7
F6 - Thursday, 8pm / March 5
FP - Tuesday, 8pm / March 3

Note: Depending on interest and numbers, we may run more leagues if required and thus the structure and names would change.

S25 Race Calendar

Round 1: Bahrain
Round 2: Australia
Round 3: France
Round 4: Canada
Round 5: Austria
Round 6: Britain
Round 7: Germany
Round 8: Belgium
Round 9: Italy
Round 10: Brazil

Wanting to sign up to PSGL S25?

If you wish to sign up to our F1 leagues, please sign up / join our Discord server (below) and we will speak to you on there!

If you’re a commentator also looking to get involved in PSGL, then join the Discord and pop us a message!

If you have any questions, speak to us on Discord or DM @BigC_019 on Twitter.

Commissions may be earned.
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